The Christensen Wood Carving in Blackbutt

The Festival committee was successful in a grant application to have Shane Christensen facilitate a series of “Timbertown’s Woodworking Workshops” with Shane both teaching and creating - on carving, wood detailing and use of recycled timbers to create seating, bike racks, horse hitching rails and totems or sentinels as public art made from aged used timber like fence posts, yard rails and posts and left over and unused timber from the wood chop events at the Festival.

It is anticipated that the items will be located in various public open spaces and at the Blackbutt and Benarkin Schools, the local Kindy, Scott Haven and Day Care and along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. 

Not only has this project encouraged new and creative programming to last year’s festival, but it was an excellent way to minimise wastage from past local facilities (showground yards)  and one of the other key events at the festival by using the wood left over from the wood chop competition.

Developing the skills of the local community has been of great use to other community groups for the future and provided new and interesting public infrastructure in the towns of Blackbutt and Benarkin that also reflect the history and significance that time has made to our small country community.

New programming planned for the 2017 festival including visual arts workshops for all ages, an enhanced and strengthened emphasis on the produce, and products of the South Burnett  and children's performance and adult skill workshops will keep the Festival fresh and vibrant and continue with the variety that attracts locals and visitors to the region.


Cristy Houghton