How to help the Blackbutt Avocado Festival


The Blackbutt Avocado Festival is an amazing opportunity for us to present Blackbutt to the world. 

Last year the festival had 5000 attendees and an estimated 3000 of those came from outside the region and they got to experience firsthand the produce (especially our famous avocados), people and sights that our region has to offer.  This level of event is not only an amazing windfall as a one day festival for our township and region, but has wider impact as it showcases what we can do, and what we've done, that will help Blackbutt, Gateway to the South Burnett, Grow.

This year the Blackbutt Avocado Festival committee is seeking 8 key outcomes to come from the festival to ensure that it will continue to benefit the region and secure the festivals future.

  1. Secure sponsorship and/or funding partners for the 2017 – 2020 Festivals.
  2. Set aside funds annually to fund the next year’s festival – self-sufficient by 2021.
  3. Include South Burnett wineries, culinary and accommodation stalls.
  4. 10% increase in participation and attendance each year.
  5. Make the town of Blackbutt instantly recognizable as the Avocado capital of the east coast of Australia. “Avo Break” in Blackbutt. “Avo Goodtime” in Blackbutt. Blackbutt - Turning avocados into Guacamole since 2000.
  6. Increased recognition and appreciation of the economic, social and environmental benefits of the Festival with key stakeholders.
  7. Increased capacity for local community to promote Blackbutt – Gateway to the South Burnett and the Blackbutt Avocado Festival as a significant regional destination and experience. Introducing the “Blackbutt Avo Family” .
  8. Present a realistic and viable festival budget.

As you can see the Blackbutt Avocado Committee has a lot of work to do, but they need your help.

What can you do to help?

There are a lot of ways that you can help this years event or help in ways that will keep the festival growing bigger and better.

  • Becoming a committee member - It is a huge commitment, but if you have passion to see this local event do well it can be very rewarding.
  • Becoming a $5 Friend of the Festival - Help the event while enjoying all the benefits of being a friend of the festival.
  • Decorated Window, Garden and Blackboard competitions - make our pretty town look absolutely stunning.
  • Join in the Ken Mills Street Parade - a highlight of the festival, the bigger and brighter the better.
  • Host a market Stall on the Festival Trail - we want as much variety as possible, and we want to show off what we can do.
  • Business owner? Open your business all day Saturday 8th. - keep the town running so visitors can see how dynamic we are and the wide variety of shops in town.
  • Or incorporate the avocado in your business – on the menu, plants for sale, fruit for sale, info and recipes, Festival info, decorated windows, outdoor stalls/seating. 
  • Enter the competitions - Have some fun, try and win and encourage others to beat you, all in good spirits of course.
  • Host family and friends at home for Festival week-end - the more people the better.
  • Be a part of the united energy that will have people talking about the town of Blackbutt as the Avocado capital of the east coast of Australia. “Avo Break” in Blackbutt. “Avo Goodtime” in Blackbutt.


Cristy Houghton