Kids, ’avo go at Blackbutt Avocado Festival!

Mum and Dad might tell you not to play with your food at the dinner table, but Blackbutt Avocado Festival is all about getting kids to play with their food!

If you’ve never played games with avocados, this is your chance! With cash prizes to win (for both kids and adults), take your chance at the avo toss, the avo roll, avo juggling, the avo strongman/woman contest, avo seed golf, guess the variety (there are 14 of them!), and a guacamole-making competition. But, we promise, no avos are hurt in the games! (Heaven forbid!)


Something you’ll never do anywhere else in the world is play avocado drop tombola. At the festival, a parachutist will jump from 1,000 metres and land on a giant avocado-shaped target on the arena of the Blackbutt Showground. Place a marker in the arena for a chance to be chosen to win when the parachutist lands.

Plus, where else can you eat avocado ice-cream and avocado cheesecake?

Avocado icecream.png

Then there’s the sure-fire crowd-pleaser: a street parade (you can join in too!)

Be sure to “Get your Avo On” with a selfie with Alvin the Avocado.


Family Weekend in the Country

Make a weekend away with the festival on Saturday 14 September, camping or caravanning at the showgrounds overnight, glamping, or at one of these nearby accommodations, then take Sunday morning to cycle the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail starting in Blackbutt, wrapping up with a famous Wood-fired Blackbutt Bakery pie for lunch. You don’t even have to bring your own bikes - Out There Cycling can have hire bikes ready for you!

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Linda Tillman